Research of the World Coffee Market

Research of the World Coffee Market

исследование рынка кофе

This research of the coffee market shows the general trends that have been taken place on the recent years. Email us via or call by the contact numbers if you would like to get full scale research.

In the recent four years, coffee production has been fluctuated close to 9,5 mln. t. However, production decreased to 9,1 mln.t. in 2015, that is the local bottom for the recent 3 years. Coffee production decline was caused by the coffee harvest stagnation on the major manufacturing regions (i.e. Brazil whose share is more than a third of the total world production).


Major World Coffee Producers in 2015, Thou Tons

In 2015, Brazil (3,2 mln. t or 35%), Vietnam (1,6 or 18%) and Columbia (0,8 mln.t or 9%) have become the major coffee producers in the World. Mentioned countries’ share is more than 60% of the World production.

The World Coffee Export in 2011-2015, thou tons

The World’s coffee export volume fluctuates on the wide range year to year. However, general export trend is upward. In 2011, coffee export totaled 7,5 mln. tons, whereas it totaled 8,3 mln. tons in 2014 and decreased a bit to 8,1 mln.tons in 2015.

Coffee Export by Countries in 2015, %

Coffee Export by Countries, Thou Tons

Country201320142015CAGR, %

data source: ITC

The major World exporters are Brazil (2 mln. tons of export in 2015 that is 25% of the total World trade), Vietnam (1,2 mln. tons or 15%) and Columbia (0,7 mln. tons or 9%). It should be taken into account, that average export growth rate is very significant in Brazil and Vietnam (9 and 15% respectively). Such a fast growth allows them to strengthen their leadership on the World market.

The Major Importers of Coffee in 2015, Thou Tons

The major consumers of the imported coffee are USA (1,5 mln. tons of import in 2015), Germany (1,1 mln. tons) and Italy (0,5 mln. tons). High import volumes of aforementioned countries are caused by the low domestic production, fast growing popularity of this beverage and high solvency of the population.

Coffee is often imported as a raw by the countries-importers for the further processing till the appropriate quality obtained.

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