The ratification by Ukraine of the agreement on government procurement GPA (Government Procurement Agreement) provides our companies with ample opportunity to participate in tenders of more than 40 countries of the world, including such countries as the EU28, the USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland etc. At present the negotiations on accession to the GPA agreement are held by the government of Albania, Australia, China, Georgia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman and Tajikistan. Every year the overall government procurement of the countries covered by the GPA amounts to USD 1.7 trillion, and our companies are able to successfully participate in procurement of foreign countries which is already proven by the experience of several Ukrainian enterprises.

Despite huge opportunities, the Ukrainian companies face considerable difficulties when attempting to take part in the public tenders abroad which is related to almost complete absence of understanding of the procedure of participation in the government procurement.

Our company is at your disposal for supporting your participation in foreign tenders within the framework of validity of the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA).


  1. Finding open tenders for your products.
  2. Analysis of the requirements of the entity that has announced the tender for purchase of goods.
  3. Analysis of capability of your company to participate in the tender (evaluation of compliance of your products with the requirements and availability of the supporting documentation).
  4. Completion of an application for bidding and the whole package of documents necessary for participation in the tender.
  5. Submission of all documents for participation in the tender.
  6. Control of the result of participation in the tender and making amendments into the tender documentation (upon request of the entity that has announced the tender).

Don’t miss the opportunity to sell your products to the export markets using the mechanism of tender purchases under the GPA agreement! In this case you do not need to set up foreign representations, to spend money for marketing and distribution, to modify business processes at your enterprise.

Leave it in capable hands of our consultants who will be your competent aid in the tender sales which are one of the most efficient ways of export of your products!

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