Maxrise Consulting conducts the marketing studies of markets of the EU, Asia, the USA, Africa and the Middle East on a regular basis. In particular, the experts of our company have run numerous market research studies for the business in the following sectors: retail and wholesale trade, real estate, agriculture, machine building, construction, metallurgy, consumer goods and foodstuff industries etc. Market research and internal audit can form the basis for build-up of the development strategy of your enterprise which will become a key instrument of management of your business.

Our market research covered the markets of the USA, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, China, India, Thailand etc. The vast experience in market research allows us to submit to you a professionally prepared document within the shortest possible time which will give you a clear understanding of dynamics of development of the relevant market and your opportunities on it


  • size and dynamics of the market.
  • research of the foreign trade (import and export).
  • pricing analysis.
  • production analysis.
  • study of the competitive environment (suppliers, vendors, buyers, replacement goods).
  • analysis of consumer preferences of potential clients (through carrying out a field market research).
  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise on the market.
  • identification of an attractive market niche.
  • forecast of the market development for 3-10 years.
  • marketing and the distribution strategy.
  • list of potential partners for doing business.

Ordering a market research study with us means not only receiving a high quality document but also the right for its up-date at any convenient for you moment in time for 30% of its initial price. Besides, the co-operation with Maxrise Consulting includes provision of free consultations in the course of use of the results of work by you. This way our market research study represents a complex product which will become the instrument for an increase in productivity of work of your enterprise.

You are welcome to place an order for marketing research right now! We will do our best to provide the highest quality and the most relevant information for your business!

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