определение кода тн вэд


Our company provides free of charge services in identification of a ten digit HS code for your goods.

A precise identification is extremely important at realization of the customs operations because an incorrectly identified code misinforms the exporter in relation to the rate of the customs duty (export and import) and the permits for export of goods from a country and their import into the customs territory of another state. In case of disagreement of a customs authority with the code of goods chosen by you, extra customs duties may be charged or additional documentation for the customs clearance (certificates of conformity, licenses, certificates of origin etc.) may be required. Besides, an incorrect identification of the code can be the ground for initiating of proceedings about a penalty under administrative law.

In order to avoid negative consequences for your business we suggest you to send an inquiry to our company for a precise identification of the code for your goods. On top of it, we are ready to help you receive the official confirmation of correctness of identification of the HS code from the respective competent authorities.

The service is provided for free within the framework of the project of assistance to exporters by Maxrise Consulting. You also can spend some time and identify your code by yourself in the reference book of HS codes (download here).

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