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Identification of HS Codes of any goods

Our company provides free of charge services in identification of a ten digit HS code for your goods.

A precise identification is extremely important at realization of the customs operations because an incorrectly identified code misinforms the exporter in relation to the rate of the customs duty (export and import) and the permits for export of goods from a country and their import into the customs territory of another state. In case of disagreement of a customs authority with the code of goods chosen by you, extra customs duties may be charged or additional documentation for the customs clearance (certificates of conformity, licenses, certificates of origin etc.) may be required. Besides, an incorrect identification of the code can be the ground for initiating of proceedings about a penalty under administrative law.

In order to avoid negative consequences for your business we suggest you to send an inquiry to our company for a precise identification of the code for your goods. On top of it, we are ready to help you receive the official confirmation of correctness of identification of the HS code from the respective competent authorities.

The service is provided for free within the framework of the project of assistance to exporters by Maxrise Consulting. You also can spend some time and identify your code by yourself in the reference book of HS codes (download here).

The tax duties for your goods

Maxrise Consulting provides services in estimation of the export and the import duties of goods. Our specialists are ready in the shortest possible time to submit information about the conditions and the rates of collection of both the import and the export duties at execution of the export-import transactions by you. When doing so, we are not limited just by a single country or region. Our experts will estimate the rates of duties at the export-import to the EU, the USA, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

At present the foreign trade relations between the countries are governed by a large number of agreements which set certain application terms of tariffs. If you want to properly plan the export activity and to have the most exact and updated information regarding the duties for your goods – contact our specialists who will analyze your products within a few hours and issue the official opinion about the tariffs.

Besides, we closely monitor the anti-dumping investigations in different countries of the world which enables us to inform you not only about the current but also about the anti-dumping duties whose introduction is expected in the near future and which over time may have big negative impact on the export of your company.

Our company is prepared to undertake all technical difficulties when carrying out the CE marking.

CE marking

The Maxrise Consulting company will give you a competent support in the process of receiving the CE marking which confirms compliance of your products with the ruling directives of the European Union. At the moment, without the respective marking with the CE mark, the import of the following goods is prohibited:

  • toys
  • construction products
  • electric and electronic devices
  • electric equipment intended for use in certain limits of voltage – low-voltage equipment
  • machines and mechanisms
  • pressure equipment
  • simple pressure vessels
  • means of individual protection
  • not automatic devices for weighing
  • measuring devices
  • new hot-water boilers working at liquid or gaseous fuel
  • equipment for combustion of gaseous fuel
  • explosive substances that are used for civil purposes
  • devices and protection systems for application in explosive environments
  • elevators and lifting mechanisms
  • cableway installations designed to carry persons
  • radio communication and telecommunication terminal equipment
  • active implantable medical devices
  • medical means for laboratory diagnostics іn-vіtrо
  • medical equipment and products intended for medical use
  • pleasure crafts

At this our services include:

  1. Inquiry about the necessity of marking your goods with the CE mark
  2. Negotiating with the notified bodies of the EU which are authorized to issue certificates in the context of the CE marking
  3. Selection of the most favorable offers from the notified bodies of the EU.
  4. Preparation of the technical file for consideration by the appropriate certification authority.
  5. Control of the process of certification of products and issue of the certificate of compliance with the directives of the EU.

Our specialists are also ready to share with you information in relation to the current tariff quotas for your products.

Requirements of the EU to goods

The Maxrise Consulting company offers services in identification of the requirements concerning the goods exported by you to the EU. In parallel we will provide you with detailed information about the following requirements, non-compliance with which will not allow your goods to get onto the markets of the EU countries:

1. Technical requirements.

The main technical requirements are classified in the sectors of the product safety, technical standardization, packaging and marking of products.

2. Ecological requirements.

The ecological requirements to products consist of the following elements: regulation of trade in dangerous chemicals; control of presence of persistent organic pollutants; registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH); classification, marking and packaging of substances and mixtures; requirements to means of protection of plants and biocides.

3. Requirement in the sphere of sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

Goods which are delivered to the customs territory of the EU have to conform to the health and the phytosanitary requirements of the EU concerning protection of health of human beings and animals. These requirements are classified in the sectors of safety of food and forages, health of plants and public catering.

A tariff quota allows for fixing a lower import duty for the import of a specific type of goods within the framework of a limit volume (a ‘quota’) and a higher import duty for the import above the limit volume. Thus, awareness of the dynamics of selection of the import quotas will help you apply a right pricing policy in the relationships with importers to the EU.

In addition to identification of the non-tariff restrictions (quotas) and the requirements of the EU importers to your products, our specialists will provide you with detailed information concerning the procedure of confirmation of compliance of your products with the EU standards. This information will become a concrete plan of actions to obtain all necessary supporting documents for the export to the EU.

We have an experience in the consultancy support of participation of companies in exhibitions of the following branch attribution:

  • machine building
  • consumer goods industry
  • agriculture
  • foodstuff products
  • chemical industry
  • IT industry

Please consult our experts and you will with guarantee get competent assistance in selection of international exhibitions and getting ready for participation in such events in a proper manner.

Participation in exhibitions

Participation in international exhibitions and fairs is one of the most effective tools of promotion of the brand and the goods of your company at the export markets.  However, many companies face serious challenges to participate in such events not only because of deficiency of finances but also due to inability to select the best value for money exhibition platform which will bring the greatest benefit at moderate expenses.

Our company suggests you to get the qualified advice concerning the actual industry shows in Europe and the world, participation in which will extend a circle of partners and, as a result, assure the growth of your sales.

Consultations of our experts cover:

  1. Analysis of operations of your company and manufactured products
  2. Analysis of the current exhibitions and the profile of their visitors
  3. Studying comments by participants about the exhibitions in the previous years
  4. Selection of the most suitable exhibition for you
  5. Registration of your company at an exhibition (incl. reservation of the space for a stand).
  6. Assistance with designing quality marketing materials.
  7. Preliminary negotiations with participants in relation to inviting them to your stand.

Please, fill the following form if you are interested in the export support of your company.

Our manager will contact you in order to specify all details and arrange a meeting.

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