About the company

About MaxRise Consulting

Maxrise Consulting is one of the leading consulting companies  in the field of marketing research, promotion of export, build-up of the development strategies and business planning for the private and state owned companies.

Focused specialization of the company allowed developing the high professional competencies which are successfully realized by us in the process of co-operation with our partners.

We invite you to a long-term collaboration whose results will be an increase in sales of your products in the domestic and the export markets, an improvement of the business processes, a growth of efficiency of the personnel and, as a consequence, strengthening of the competitiveness of your company!

The co-operation with us will provide you with the following advantages:

  • High quality marketing research and determination of the most promising sales markets for your products.
  • Professional strategy build-up and a precise plan of entering the target markets.
  • Significant time savings and avoiding mistakes at introducing your company into the export markets.
  • Increase in efficiency of the personnel by 10-40% thanks to elaboration and implementation of the KPI system.


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