Marketing Analysis of Beer Import into the European Union

рынок пива, импорт пиваMarketing Analysis of Beer Import into the European Union

The Beer Import Dynamics by the EU Countries in 2012-2015, 1000 Liters

In the recent years, imports of beer in the European Union increased due to the rising demand in some countries (especially in Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Slovakia) due to the relatively stable  domestic beer production in the EU. Whereas 4.8 billion. liters were imported in 2012, the quantity reached 5.2 billion in 2015. liters. In general, the EU’s average annual beer imports growth rate is 3%.

The Beer Import Volumes by the EU Countries in 2015, 1000 Liters

The largest beer importers in the EU are the United Kingdom (about 1 billion. liters in 2015), France (0.8 billion. liters), Italy (0.7 billion. liters) and Germany (0.7 billion. liters). Total import of aforementioned countries accounts for about 60% of total European imports of beer.

The EU Beer Import by the Source, %

Despite the very large volume of imports, the EU has little import from countries outside the European Union. So, the EU imports about 0.3 billion liters of beer per year from external sources, that makes only 5% of total imports.

It should be noted, that Belgium imports almost 50% of beer from countries outside the EU. Also quite high rates of non-European imports are observed in Lithuania (35%), Bulgaria (21%), Croatia (16%) and Greece (15%).

The Major Beer Exporters to the EU (EU origin) in the 1-st Quarter 2016, 1000 Liters

The largest exporters, who regularly deliver beer in the European countries are members of the EU. Thus, in the 1st quarter of this year, Germany exported to the EU countries about 0.18 billion. liters. Belgium showed similar results and exported 0.17 billion. liters. A bit smaller regional exporter Netherlands exported slightly more than 0.13 billion. liters. The volumes of export of aforementioned countries are stable from year to year, that allows us to consider them as major players in the beer market of the EU.

The Major Beer Exporters to the EU (non-EU origin) in the 1-st Quarter 2016, 1000 Liters

Mexico is the important player on the EU markets among non-EU suppliers, which in the first quarter of 2016. exported to the EU about 0.035 billion. liters. Other countries such as the USA, Serbia, China and Belarus are carried out small but regular supply, occupying specific niches on the European Union market.

Thus, the EU market is very promising to enter by the new beer exporters from both EU and non-European countries. Presence of a very diverse consumer preferences, as well as large number of suppliers allow new players to rely on the successful long-term sale of beer products.

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